Design decisions

Technical Details

The implementation behind this website is based on PHP and .htaccess files. There is (on purpose) no SQL database behind this website as I want to setup the server by copying only files. Locally, a python script helps me generating some files (menus, image index, thumbnails).


This website provides two RSS feeds (articles and news). I recommend to subscribe at minimum the news feed (second one). Most changes on this website will be announced there including _some_ of the articles.

If you are looking for something specific, look at the Tag Cloud or at the Pagemap for the articles and the news.

This website is optimized for mobile devices. However, there are still some known flaws for some devices − if you find any bugs, please notify me!

My Privacy

To protect my own privacy and the privacy of other people, some parts of this website are not visible until you enter a specific password. Other content such as my CV are only accessible if you can proof that you are human. By doing that I want to prevent that the CV is indexed by search engines or internet databases. Please do not provide any other people with a password which was given to you.


I hate websites which use JavaScript without really needing it. Most effects can also be implemented using CSS. At least, any website should work as expected with disabled JavaScript.

I do not use any JavaScript on most of the pages. However, some pages demonstrate some flaws of JavaScript or possible attacks. Nevertheless, you will not reach such a page without a proper warning (except if you are coming directly from an external page). I encourage you to disable JavaScript (maybe using a browser plugin).


My Webserver is located in Germany and is hosted by - I am a happy customer since 2008. It is perfectly suited for private websites as it provides unlimited traffic, and fast support for a minimum prize. At the moment (2018), you can get a domain with 10GB storage, PHP, and 2 MySQL Databases for less than 2€/month if you disable the "SSD Turbo". If you decide to sign up there, you can use the following link and I will get 20% provision: