List of Competitions

I am a huge fan of programming/hacking challenges, one of my favourites is At the time of the last update, I have solved 141 problems.

Project Euler

Other interesting challenges are (329 points) and (2696 points; this website does not like other referrers, copy the link to the address bar manually - do not click). Occasionally, I participate in CTFs (Jeopardy and Attack-Defense) and other competitions:

Hacking-lab Easter challenge 2014Jeopardy-52 points (rank 53/78)offline
RuCTFE 2014Attack-DefenseLosFuzzys62nd of 133 active teamsresults
21. CCC 2014 onlineJeopardy-4th of 49 active usersresults
Hacking-lab Easter challenge 2015Jeopardy-92 points (rank 94/934)offline
HackVent 2015Jeopardy-46 points (rank 60/486)offline
RuCTFE 2015Attack-DefenseLosFuzzys22nd of 140 active teamsresults
HackVent 2016Jeopardy-45 points (rank 94/997)offline
Hacking-lab Easter challenge 2016Jeopardy-32 points (rank 312/1471)offline
RuCTFE 2016Attack-DefenseLosFuzzys20nd of 133 active teamsoffline
Ekoparty 2016JeopardyLosFuzzys3660 points (rank 6/721)results
ASIS CTF Finals 2016JeopardyLosFuzzys1005 points (rank 23/343)results
Juniors CTF 2016JeopardyLosFuzzys10800 points (rank 1/310)results
RC3 2016JeopardyLosFuzzys4440 points (rank 20/663)results
Hacky Easter 2017Jeopardy-9 eggsresults
iCTF 2017Attack-DefenseLosFuzzys9th ofresults
HackVent 2017Jeopardy-4 challengesresults
CCC-Online 2017Jeopardy-Level 7 (rank 4/45)results
Hacky Easter 2018Jeopardy-20 points, 9 eggsresults

A nice non-technical strategy game is Warlight (Level 20).